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More Information / Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Vimeo' and 'Vimeo On Demand' ?
Vimeo and Vimeo On Demand are online video distribution platforms that we utilize to distribute, sell, and deliver content to our audience. It allows you to easily purchase access to high-quality video, which you can view in a variety of places such as your computer, phone, Roku, etc. - You will also be able to download your content for local viewing and safe-keeping (payed titles only).  To buy and rent, all you need is a free Vimeo account, which takes about a minute to set up. To watch free titles, no account is needed.


Refund Policy
We do not offer refunds on digital purchases. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, if you have issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can make things right.


Copyright / Sharing Policy
This content is the copyrighted production of Mid-South Broadcasting Co. Please do not copy, share, or re-distribute files to individuals or entities outside of your household and immediate family. See our full notice here. (This only applies to payed titles. This does NOT apply to sharing LINKS to free, publicly available videos - which is fine, and even encouraged, as long as you do not alter or re-upload it in any way.)


How is the quality?
Excellent! Archives are available in 720p High Definition, encoded at a generous bitrate, and should look great across all devices. Quality when streaming will depend on internet connection, as quality is adjusted automatically to prevent playback interruptions on slower connections.


Questions? Need assistance? Contact info@midsouthbroadcasting.com

* Online viewing access is handled through Vimeo On-Demand, continued access to online-hosted content in the future is dependent upon many factors. You should always take advantage of our download option shortly after purchase to download a copy of any purchased video to your own computer, phone, etc - for safe keeping. Mid-South Broadcasting makes no legal or formal guarantees that hosted online video content will remain available indefinitely.

Please keep a record of your proof of purchase in a safe place so that we may assist you with any potential questions/issues in the future. The best form of proof of purchase is your Vimeo On-Demand receipt that is E-mailed to you.

All sales final.