On Demand Library (Old)

What is the "Legacy On-Demand Page"?

The page you're on right now. We previously used Vimeo On-Demand to distribute our archived events for rental and sale.

This model has since been retired. Today, archived events are provided for free. However - this is our legacy on-demand page which contains all of our archived events that were originally made available with this distribution method.

While prices were originally set at, on average, 10$ + per game and $50 per season, today, you can own all on-demand titles for just a few dollars. This is because we no longer wish to charge for them given our new distribution model.... However, the process of moving these titles from 'payed' to 'free' on the Vimeo platform is significantly complicated and time-consuming, so we just lowered the price to practically nothing instead.

Questions? Need assistance? Contact info@midsouthbroadcasting.com

* Online viewing access is handled through Vimeo On-Demand, continued access to online-hosted content in the future is dependent upon many factors. You should always take advantage of our download option shortly after purchase to download a copy of any purchased video to your own computer, phone, etc - for safe keeping. Mid-South Broadcasting makes no legal or formal guarantees that hosted online video content will remain available indefinitely.

Please keep a record of your proof of purchase in a safe place so that we may assist you with any potential questions/issues in the future. The best form of proof of purchase is your Vimeo On-Demand receipt that is E-mailed to you.

All sales final.